Primary And Secondary Accelerator

- Jan 22, 2019-

Functionally, the accelerator can be divided into a primary accelerator and a secondary accelerator (super accelerator).

◆Main accelerator: the promoter of the main role of dosage and vulcanization characteristics. These include thiazoles (M, DM), sulfenamides (CZ, NS, NOBS, DZ) and sulfenimides (TBSI). The primary accelerator typically retards scorch, has a moderate to fast cure rate, and a good modulus.

◆Sub-promoter: Activate with the main accelerator to speed up the vulcanization and improve the properties of the vulcanizate. Including guanidines (DPG), thiurams (TMTD, TMTM), dithiocarbamates (ZDC, BZ, PZ), dithiophosphates (ZBPD, ZDTP, TETD). A secondary accelerator usually causes the compound to be scorched and has an ultra-fast vulcanization rate.

◆ Promoter combination purpose: to improve the effect of the accelerator and for the needs of the process, such as avoiding scorch, preventing frosting, improving vulcanization flatness.