Processing AIDS

- Apr 22, 2019-

Viscosifier is a processing aid used to increase the self-viscosity of rubber.Rubber self - viscosity will affect the roll - over property of rubber, and thus affect the dispersion of the compound, the strength of rubber, the continuity of extrusion process and the foaming property.Proper viscosity is also conducive to improve the stiffness of the adhesive.

The commonly used viscosifiers in China are mainly octyl phenolic resin (203 resin), tert-butyl phenolic resin (204 resin) and tert-butyl phenolic acetylene resin (Koresin resin).Modified tert-butyl phenolic resin (hy-2006) is a modified product based on 204 resin, which can replace Koresin resin for better adhesion and aging resistance.Saturated rubber viscosifier resin hy-209 is a viscosifier specially developed for EPDM.