Processing AIDS

- Apr 22, 2019-

The main function of the homogenizer is to solve the blending problem of polymers with different polarity and viscosity.Uniform agent is mostly used in the airtight layer and vulcanized capsule, with the improvement of the radial tire structure, the amount of brominated butyl rubber (BIIR) will be more and more large, which increases a lot of difficulties for the processing of rubber, such as vulcanized rubber and unvulcanized rubber adhesion force is small, in the calendering process gas phenomenon.At present, TNB88, UB4000 and 40MSF are the main homogenizers used in the airtight layer.The processing safety, flexural resistance, adhesion performance and heat aging resistance of the adhesive can be improved by replacing all or part of the operating oil with the homogenizer 40MS (F).The uniform agent can lubricate the tread, reduce the Mooney viscosity and improve the wear resistance of the finished tire.Increase the extrusion speed, reduce the extrusion temperature, reduce the cutting edge and porosity, reduce the processing cost.


The main function of dispersant is to improve the dispersion of carbon black and other additives.Dispersants generally play a role of internal lubrication in the rubber mixing process, which can reduce the internal friction between rubber macromolecular chains, reduce the viscosity of rubber mixing, promote the dispersion of carbon black and other additives, improve the homogeneity and processing performance of rubber, reduce the mixing time and energy consumption, and accelerate the dispersion of filler.With the continuous development of the tire industry, the amount of synthetic rubber is gradually increased, the amount of carbon black is increased, these factors bring inconvenience to the processing of rubber, so the application of dispersant becomes inevitable.The dispersible substances include fatty acids, metal fatty acids salts, fatty acid esters, condensation products of fatty acids and macromolecular fatty acids esters and their mixtures with metal soaps.