Promote fine chemical continuous flow equipment

- Mar 21, 2019-

Fine chemical industry is an important part of the new material industry. It is characterized by a wide variety of products, high added value, wide application, and great industrial relevance. It is the key direction of the development of the world chemical industry.

At present, the refinement rate of the chemical industry in developed countries and regions such as the United States, Western Europe and Japan exceeds 60%. However, due to the short development time of the industry and insufficient technology precipitation, the fineness rate of China's fine chemical products is less than 50%, and some high-tech products. Import dependence is high.

At present, the problems faced by the development of domestic fine chemical industry are firstly that the industrial structure is unreasonable. The separation or combination of professional equipment research and development and process research and development is not tight, resulting in the lack of market recognition for equipment research and development, and the lack of equipment for advanced synthetic processes. The support, the final process experiment and industrialization are not carried out, and the equipment level is at least 10 years behind developed countries.

In addition, the fine chemical industry has not yet formed a sound innovation system, transformation channels for results and rapid industrialization; new products with low functional and originality; unreasonable product structure, mainly producing low-end products with low performance and low production efficiency The pollution is serious and the energy consumption is huge; the environmental pollution and the cost of energy conservation and abatement are increasing. The high cost of dealing with the “three wastes” has become a double burden for the industry itself and society, and there are many problems in the low utilization level of information technology.

Among them, the backwardness of equipment is one of the fundamental reasons for the overall backwardness of China's fine chemical industry. At present, most of China's fine chemical production uses batch reactors for batch production, which brings about post-processing problems such as “safe production pressure, low production efficiency, large pollutant emissions, and huge energy consumption”. Due to the backward production equipment, the research and development of domestic fine chemicals is also backward. As safety is not guaranteed, environmental protection requirements are becoming more stringent, and high value-added reactions cannot be developed and tested, and industrialization cannot be achieved.

To this end, it is recommended:

First, encourage the construction of new and remodeled fine chemical projects with priority to adopt continuous flow equipment, build intelligent, modular production into factories, workshops and even factories, develop new products with high technology content and high added value, and develop clean and efficient processes. Automatic continuous multi-step process chain, innovative integrated product chain and industrial chain.

Second, relying on enterprises with core processes, equipment research and development, and research institutes to form industrial complexes to jointly conduct product development, design and manufacturing, test and testing, application demonstration, standard setting, etc., or encourage leading companies in the industry to lead the construction of equipment, The dual-creation park, which integrates technology and industrialization, creates a Chinese model of fine chemicals.

Third, because the development and research and development of continuous-flow chemical equipment integrates five university departments, such as chemical reaction, fluid, thermal engineering, intelligent control, mechanical design and manufacturing, which are related to safety, environmental protection, energy consumption, efficiency and quality. The high-tech field, therefore, its design, manufacturing and application require producers to have a high level of comprehensive single-item research and development and system integration capabilities. It is difficult for general producers to fundamentally master the scientific principles and engineering techniques. In order to protect the healthy development of emerging technology fields, protect the public interest of the public, and avoid users from using bad products, continuous flow of fine chemical equipment needs to be the same as pressure vessel products, establish a market access system, and implement a product-one certification system. The department jointly sets up the issuing organization and related matters.

Fourth, encourage equipment companies with the largest number of customers to take the lead in participating in or formulate various advanced safety standards, and impose intrinsic safety equipment on high-risk chemical reaction enterprises to reduce potential safety hazards.