Qingdao Port implements temporary control of dangerous goods on April 15-30

- Apr 09, 2019-

It is reported that on April 23, 2019, in order to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy, the Chinese Navy will hold an international warship style in the outer sea of Qingdao, Shandong. During the event, Qingdao Port will take temporary control measures for dangerous goods.

From April 15th to April 30th, the loading and unloading operations of Class 1-7 dangerous goods containers (including dangerous goods container yard operations) will be stopped.

From 0:00 on April 21 to 18:00 on April 26, the ship separation, ship loading and unloading operations of product oil tankers, chemical tankers, liquefied petroleum gas carriers, and bulk solid dangerous goods (except coal-type ships) were stopped.

From 0:00 on April 22 to 24:00 on April 23, all oil tankers (packaged crude oil) were stopped and the ship was loaded and unloaded.