- Apr 15, 2019-

"The big explosion of Xiangshui is a vicious accident. All the manufacturers of additives should reflect on it. At the same time, customers such as downstream tires should understand clearly. The production of additives is very difficult and the risk is very high. As an auxiliary company, I am afraid that I will call in the factory at night.” Wang Shuhua said that large-scale auxiliaries are investing heavily in safety and environmental protection, and strive to comply with national laws and regulations in all aspects. In the era of safety and environmental protection, I hope that there will be no major accidents in the auxiliary industry.

Wang Chuanhua, chairman of the Rubber Additives Committee, said, "China's rubber additives account for more than 70% of the world's share. Each tire is inseparable from additives. The amount is small and the key is important. Waste water, waste residue and waste gas treatment need to be large. The investment is even more critical, equipment investment is still small money, operating costs are greater than equipment investment."

Xu Chunhua, honorary chairman of the Rubber Additives Committee, said, "The benzene, toluene, xylene and p-phenylenediamine produced by the company are our common raw materials. In addition, we also have carbon disulfide, hydrogen sulfide, etc., no more dangerous than them. Poor sex. For many years, the rubber auxiliaries industry has not had a big accident, it is really good. But it is not without hidden dangers, we must sound the alarm. Once an accident occurs in our industry, it is not a business thing, but the whole industry is followed. Implicated. So every company must do its own safety work, don't wait for the country to check."