Rubber additives market summary of the first half of the year

- Jul 22, 2019-

With the arrival of hot July, the rubber additives market into the traditional off-season market. In the first half of 2019, in terms of the supply of rubber auxiliary products, the overall supply is relatively adequate except for some products. In terms of the price of rubber auxiliaries, promoters mainly go down steadily, and anti-aging agents as a whole go out of the trend of first falling and then rising and then callback.

1. Supply of rubber additives

1-3 months each manufacturer are influence by factors during the Spring Festival, failed to full capacity, since the end of March into the affected by the explosion in jiangsu province in April, some manufacturers limited capacity, since the end of April as each manufacturer are full capacity, plentiful supply of the accelerator, since May, the supply of antiager tensions began to ease.

2. Price of rubber additives

(1) Promoter since April, under the guidance of promoter MBT(M), the main promoter MBTS(DM), CBS(CZ), TBBS(NS) also began to enter the slow decline in the trend, as profit space is gradually compressed, the near future will be in the bottom consolidation stage.

(2) There was a small drop in the anti-aging from January to March, but after entering April, the price began to recover due to the shortage of supply of IPPD(4010), 6PPD(4020) and TMQ(RD) major manufacturers. Since June, the price of anti-aging agent TMQ(RD) began to fall, the price of other anti-aging agent is stable, some prices are slightly reduced.

3. Trend prediction of rubber additives

Trend of the second half of the year, the supply of rubber additives first enough after tight, the price first fell after rising. From July to September, China is in the high temperature season, and foreign countries are also in the vacation period. All kinds of downstream products are under construction, and overall demand for rubber additives is not high. If the production capacity of various manufactures is not affected, the prices of various rubber additives will decline slightly, and the domestic and foreign markets are in the low season. It is predicted that around October, the market will recover with the influence of the downstream demand of rubber additives will increase accordingly.