Rubber industry products are included in the Double High list

- Feb 12, 2018-

Recently, the Ministry of environmental protection issued a comprehensive directory of environmental protection (2017 Edition).

Industry experts said the version of this list will be used on the mainstream rubber accelerator and antioxidant at home and abroad, high pollution and high environmental risk included in the directory, and no exception process.

He argues this is clearly a product of the lack of communication between the environmental protection sector and the industry.

Specifically, the comprehensive list contains two parts, one is the list of products with high pollution and high environmental risk, including 885 items of "double high" products, and the two is the list of key equipment for environmental protection, including 72 devices.

The "double high" product contains more than 50 kinds of products that produce a large number of pollutants in the production process, more than 40 kinds of products that produce large quantities of volatile organic pollutants, more than 200 kinds of heavy metal contaminated products, and more than 570 kinds of high environmental risk products.

Among them, a variety of "double high" products and rubber industry, including chlorinated rubber, rubber antioxidant 4020, antioxidant 4010NA, chloroprene rubber adhesive etc..

The Ministry of Environmental Protection said that the comprehensive list will identify these "double high" products from the perspective of the life cycle, so as to provide references for government departments, enterprises, social organizations and the public to participate in environmental governance.

The head of the Department of policy and regulation of the Ministry of environmental protection revealed that many of the "double high" products have been refunded and banned from processing trade.

In addition, many banking institutions have adopted differentiated credit measures on the basis of a comprehensive list. It is understood that the industry association has previously proposed amendments to the environmental protection department, but it has not been adopted at the end.

We will continue to pay attention to how the dispute is resolved.