Rubber industry two pollution survey to determine the production and discharge accounting method

- Dec 29, 2018-

In 2018, the Ministry of National Ecology and Environment carried out the “Second National Source Survey of Pollution Sources”. As one of the participating units, China Rubber Industry Association undertook the sub-project of “291 Accounting Method and Guideline Preparation Project for Rubber Products Industry”. The purpose of this "two pollutions" is to find out the basic conditions of various types of pollution sources, and establish an accounting method for production and discharge of pollutants applicable to the rubber products industry. Through the field investigation and sampling of 7 key enterprises in the tire, tube belt, latex and reclaimed rubber industry and the collection and analysis of the correspondence data of 28 enterprises, the China Rubber Association experts identified the pollutant discharge of the rubber products industry with industrial wastewater and The industrial waste gas is mainly used. The waste water is mainly domestic water for equipment cooling water in the production process and the clean water for the workshop. The waste gas is mainly particulate matter and non-methane total hydrocarbons, and the calculation of the industrial pollution source discharge coefficient of the rubber products industry is carried out. The production and discharge coefficient will be one of the basis for future national environmental protection policies for the rubber industry. The subject was approved by the Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences on December 25th.