Ruiwei Technology's rubber intelligent refiner was successfully developed

- May 09, 2019-

Recently, the intelligent equipment and complete sets of rubber refiners developed by Hebei Ruiwei Technology Co., Ltd. passed the project acceptance of Shijiazhuang Science and Technology Bureau.

This project is a smart equipment designed and developed for the recycling of waste rubber. It applies sensors and data acquisition such as temperature, pressure and roll distance to the refiner and open mill, and intelligently adjusts the technical parameters such as the roll distance and rotation speed of the equipment. Continuous, automated and intelligent production of waste rubber recycling is realized by automatic turning and dispensing systems.

The rubber intelligent refining equipment production line can regenerate the waste rubber edge material and rubber powder under normal temperature and pressure, and the whole production process is green and pollution-free. The output per unit is 1/3 higher than that of conventional equipment. Compared with traditional rubber refiners, the intelligent refiner can adjust the temperature, roll distance and rotation speed online. The same rubber is produced on two different refiners. The regenerative rubber produced by the intelligent refiner has a lower Mooney viscosity than the conventional equipment. %, the tensile strength increased by 23.9%, and the elongation at break increased by 23.1%.

Since June 2018, the equipment has been applied in Dongying Xinxing Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd., Lijin Jiashun Renewable Resources Co., Ltd. and Yongcheng Hengyuan Rubber Products Co., Ltd. The users have reported that the equipment has good performance and no pollution.

The complete set includes material automatic weighing system, rubber intelligent mixing system and automatic film packaging system. Rubber products and recycled rubber manufacturers can also choose a single intelligent refiner or intelligent mill to achieve online control of rubber mixing and refining according to actual needs.