Shandong tire industry will usher in a large number of limited production

- Feb 21, 2019-

According to informed sources, the relevant departments of Shandong Province have observed that the inland areas of the province will have a large-scale medium-to-severe pollution process from February 19 to 22, requiring relevant departments such as cities and counties to effectively deal with heavy pollution. The response to the weather process.

"China Rubber" learned that the Dongying Municipal Government required all local air pollutant discharge units such as rubber tires, chemicals and petrochemicals to implement measures such as limiting production and limiting emissions, with the goal of reducing air pollutant emissions by about 15%.

Some people in the industry said that Dongying City, where rubber tire companies are gathered, has long implemented the principle of “one factory and one policy”. The better the environmental impact assessment, the smaller the proportion of limited production in similar early warning events, that is to say, environmental protection facilities. Tire companies that are advanced and have been awarded green factories will be less affected by the “stop production storm”.

Tire companies have indicated that the government's suspension of production restrictions may affect the normal production of these enterprises. The shortened delivery period of products will affect the normal completion of orders, and may further affect the market price of tires and other products.

According to public information, more than 30 heavy pollution warnings have been issued in various provinces and cities in Shandong Province since the end of 2018. Among them, Dongying City stated in the orange pollution emergency plan issued on November 22 that enterprises such as rubber tires should take restrictive measures. To reduce the emission of atmospheric pollutants by about 25%. Guangrao County issued an orange early warning emergency response during the same period, saying that all relevant local enterprises should reduce air pollutant emissions by more than 30% by limiting production and limiting emissions.

Compared with the stricter environmental protection measures in Qingdao, the local government stipulates that enterprises such as tires and rubber products need to stop production of one or more production lines or stop production of key sewage disposal workshops and sections during the yellow warning period; All stopped production.