Spontaneous combustion of carbon black may occur

- May 24, 2019-

Black carbon is actually a very easy to spontaneous combustion of material, when the ambient temperature reaches a critical ignition point will occur.In the process of carbon black production, the external air enters into the carbon black collection or air supply system, which can ignite the combustible tail gas or even explode.At first, some water and volatile gases will escape. When the temperature reaches the ignition point, the mass will be sharply reduced. At this time, carbon dioxide will be released from combustion in oxygen.


The ignition point of carbon black in different processes is different, which is mainly related to carbon black density, volatile gas amount, ash content and structure.But usually, slot method of carbon black ignition temperature about 290 ℃, the ignition temperature of furnace black more between 350 ~ 380 ℃.


Therefore, in the process of production, transportation and storage of carbon black, in addition to do a good job in moisture-proof measures, but also to prevent the natural phenomenon of carbon black.Don't mixed with air, such as collecting system packaging, such as temperature should be lower than 80 ℃.