Sumitomo rubber overseas plant expansion and production

- May 05, 2019-

Sumitomo rubber industry co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "sumitomo rubber") added the production equipment for truck and bus tires in the factory in Brazil, and started the production on March 1.On that basis, sumitomo rubber Brazil plans to expand its capacity to 1,000 strips per day by the end of 2020, with a total investment of 465 million reais (about 810 million yuan).

Prior to this, sumitomo rubber has been selling cab-bus tires in Brazil through import. With the start of this cab-bus tire project, it will bring a stable supply of products to the local market.At the same time, the Brazilian tire market has a broad prospect, the annual growth rate is expected to be about 2-3 percent.

Sumitomo rubber Brazil plant was established in Rio grande, parana, in 2011. Its main business includes manufacturing and selling tires for passenger cars and light trucks, with a daily capacity of 16,800 and 1,307 employees.

In recent years, with the continuous expansion of Brazil's market share, to provide more stable truck and bus tire products for the market, reduce the risk of exchange rate fluctuations, the truck and bus tire production project was launched in July 2016.This truck and bus tire project will further strengthen sumitomo rubber's tire sales business in the Brazilian market (including passenger cars, light truck tires), and help sumitomo rubber's global development process.

In the process of globalization, as one of the most important strategic markets of sumitomo rubber, the Chinese market has set up factories in changshu, jiangsu province, and changsha, hunan province successively to connect the coastal and inland areas, continuously provide domestic high-quality tire products, and add strength to the local economic development.

Due to its good market reputation, its Dunlop brand tires are well recognized by consumers. In order to meet the increasingly diverse market demands, sumitomo rubber actively develops high-performance new products in recent years and continuously creates a leading tire brand in the industry by improving the sales management system.

Sumitomo rubber, along with its Dunlop tire brand, adheres to the century-old history and innovation, complies with the brand spirit of "going forward without stopping", and will start from the market demand in 2019 to carry out effective strategic layout and policy formulation for the Chinese market, so as to meet the market demand and create a bright future for the brand.As a big supplier of rubber chemicals in North America market, Shenyang Sunnyjoint Chemicals Co., Ltd. will keep an eye on the fluctuate.