SUNNNYJOINT chemicals enclude rubber additives price keep competitive

- Jul 10, 2018-

From the perspective of the supply of accelerators, the current M supply of acid-base method is relatively tight, mainly affected by the production constraints of local enterprises, and the supply price is relatively firm; the supply of solvent M is relatively sufficient, especially the pressure of some large manufacturers, resulting in solvent method M. The supply price is relatively low, and the upward resistance is large.

The supply price of downstream promoter products of M is generally in a narrow range, especially for CBS and NS, which have relatively large supply. Under the relatively flat demand of products such as downstream tires, the market supply is relatively sufficient, resulting in lower prices. Since 2018, CBS prices have fallen by nearly 2,000 yuan/ton, a drop of 5.3%.

From the overall demand situation of downstream tires and other products, the downstream equipment load is difficult to upgrade, and it is basically a shock consolidation situation.


After the Spring Festival, the overall operating rate of all steel tires in Shandong Province has not changed much, and the demand for accelerators is not obvious. From the start of downstream non-tire rubber products, small and medium-sized non-tire rubber products manufacturers have more parking and production-restricting enterprises under the influence of the previous policy, which greatly restricts their demand for accelerators.

As far as the market outlook is concerned, the trend of accelerators also needs to see the dynamic game of supply and demand, especially in Shandong, the main producer of accelerators. With the approach of Qingdao Shanghe Summit, local safety supervision is strict, and some enterprises may start to enter in the latter half of the year. The production or parking phase will lead to further tightening of the market supply. At the same time, Shandong, as a major tire production province, will start to work under the influence of the policy, which will lead to a decline in demand. Therefore, from the perspective of supply and demand, one of them The decline in output is too large, and to a certain extent will lead to a different trend of accelerator prices.