SUNNYJOINT comments on the plastic track in the school playground harmful to the human body

- Nov 16, 2018-

SUNNYJOINT comments on  the plastic track in the school playground harmful to the human body

Shenyang SUNNYJOINT as a supplier of Rubber Additives, In recent years, plastic track has been more and more intimately connected with students and athletes. However, the recent report that “the plastic track will release toxic gases” has made people stunned. Because of these reports, students have been warned not to stay on the plastic track for a long time, and many places have stopped the ongoing runway laying, and some schools are even considering dismantling the original expensive plastic track. According to the reporter's understanding, most of the primary and secondary schools in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou have been paved with plastic runways. Some colleges with good conditions even have more than two plastic playgrounds. In more cities, plastic track has become a must-have facility and rating standard for public stadiums.

So, is it really toxic to use such a wide plastic track? Where does the toxicity start? In this regard, our reporter interviewed the production companies of plastic track, academic experts and authoritative organizations in the industry.

Authoritative expert: Poisoning is just an inference

Catalyst expert and Professor Li Baoshan from the Department of Chemistry of Beijing University of Chemical Technology was the first expert to be interviewed by the reporter. His opinion is that from the production and chemical composition of the plastic track product itself, there is a possibility of causing certain harm to the human body. . However, since plastic runways are generally laid on outdoor open spaces with good ventilation, this possibility is small.

He said from a professional point of view that the plastic track is generally made of a combination of organic molecules and inorganic fillers (calcium carbonate). Inorganic fillers are generally stable, and organic compounds are mostly composed of low molecular weights containing chlorine. Under sunlight irradiation and certain temperature conditions, the compounds may decompose and may cause some harm to the human body after decomposition. In addition, in order to make the product more stable, at the same time soft and elastic, some additives need to be added during the processing, mainly sulfide-based antioxidants, which may become harmful substances under certain environmental conditions, causing respiratory tract. And skin diseases.

China’s non-metallic material authority, director of the Synthetic Surface Testing Laboratory of the Chinese Athletics Association, and Professor Chen Jianding of the School of Materials Science and Engineering of East China University of Science and Technology hold the same view. In a telephone interview with reporters, she said that if the plastic runway volatilizes the smell, theoretically, it may not be sufficient with the chemical reaction in the processing of the plastic track material, or the toluene material added for the construction of the plastic track. related. However, from her years of research practice, especially the detection experiment of the synthetic surface layer of the Tianxie site, there is no evidence of the release of toxic gases from the plastic track.

After getting the reporter's question, Ma Zhenzhu, director of the Institute of Testing and Materials of China Academy of Building Materials Science, director of the National Building Materials Testing Center, and director of the National Building Industry Radiological Supervision and Inspection Center, also consulted the plastics that the institute has done in recent years. Runway test report. He told reporters that from these test reports, the main environmental protection projects that people are most concerned about, such as formaldehyde and benzene, have not been detected, but the products of individual companies have been exposed to high levels of heavy metals such as lead.

Another authoritative expert, Xin Haobo, director of the Functional Polymer Research Institute of Qingdao University of Science and Technology, also told the media that a reliable plastic site would not affect the human body in an open environment. He said this: the main component of plastic will slightly evaporate toluene diisocyanate gas in the sun or hot weather. Although the substance is toxic, the amount of volatilization is very small. In the open field, the concentration generally does not reach the human body. The extent of the impact.

Tracking the toxicology of the plastic track is more toxic than the prudence of the experts, and the reaction of the production company is extremely fierce. Baoding Great Wall Synthetic Rubber Co., Ltd. is one of the largest manufacturers of plastic track production in China. Wang Xianwen, the general manager of the company, said in a telephone interview with this reporter that there are many models and formulas for plastic track, as a leading enterprise, from dozens of enterprises. 

According to the production practice of the year, as long as it has a stable process, scientific ratio, and correct construction, it will not cause harm to health. At present, the “toxic description” does indicate the public's concern about the plastic track market and product safety, but this statement has been raging and has seriously affected production and sales. What is puzzling is that the industry has yet to see the relevant basis for the poisonous plastic track.