Sunnyjoint: Effect of supply and demand on aniline price

- Oct 24, 2018-

Since September to now, the domestic aniline market rebounded after droped , then went stable.

First, the cost of aniline was hard to support in early September because of the fall in upstream pure benzene prices. Yantai Wanhua newly put into operation 180000 tons of aniline unit normal operation to the East China market monthly sales of aniline 5000 tons, market supply increased. But the downstream is affected by environmental protection, the demand for aniline is reduced, so under the imbalance of supply and demand, the price of East China market fell to 8350 yuan / ton acceptance, Shandong market fell to 7870 yuan / ton acceptance.

In the middle and late September, because of the approaching of the National Day and aniline price bottom, downstream enterprises began to stock a large quantity, aniline factory inventory pressure eased. And East China large-scale factory to prepare the ship cargo primarily, to the market limited delivery. Market situation turned to supply, aniline price rose 350 yuan / ton, the market rebound.

After experiencing early price fluctuation, aniline market runs smoothly in October. Although the price of nitric acid in the upper reaches is rising, there are good factors, such as the high price of nitric acid in the upper reaches, the good factors such as the shutdown and maintenance of Jilin Cornell, the lower load operation of Lanzhou Petrochemical Company and the reduction of market supply, etc., but Wanhua's low supply (5000 tons) has impacted the aniline market And Jinling Dongying 200000 tons / year of aniline plant is scheduled to restart on October 25, bad news so that the Aniline factory firm shipment, prices deadlocked finishing.

From now to the end of the year, there is no expansion device downstream. If the Jinling Dongying 200000 t / a plant is restarted on the 25th, market supply will increase substantially, and domestic demand alone will not ease the pressure on aniline factories to supply excess supply. As a result, Shenyang Sunnyjoint expects to end the end of the aniline market there are still downside risks.