Sunnyjoint HTS(HF-368)

- Mar 16, 2018-

Chemical Name:      Sodium hexamethylene-1,6-bisthiosulfate dihydrate

Other Name:         Wire adhesion additive ;Anti-reversion agent HTS

Molecular Formula:  C6H12Na2O6S4·2(H2O)

Molecular Weight:   390.41

CAS NO.:            5719-73-3

Appearance                   White powder

Content≥ %                  95.0

Loss on Drying %≤           8.0-11.0

NaCL content %≤             1.0

Residues(150μm) % ≤        0.5


Be used in the main  of Sulfur vulcanizing system. when the product is in high temperature anaerobic conditions,could create mixture crosslinks so that NR, IR, SBR, BR and polymer blends having excellent dynamic performance. Thereby maintaining the physical and dynamic properties of the product. This product can also be used as an adhesion promoter to improve the adhesion properties of brass-plated steel wire reinforcing materials and rubber materials. When used in different formulations, it may be observed scorch safety and modulus decrease slightly and a little extended cure time. It does not cause discoloration, non-polluting in most rubber compounds.

Package          25kg/bag

Storage Life     12 months