Sunnyjoint Master batch main indicators

- Oct 09, 2018-

1, Appearance. 

There is no obvious difference between the appearance of the finished product and the standard sample. The particle length is between 4 and 8 mm. There are no triple particles, basically no debris, no foreign bodies and impurities, and no undispersed aggregates and colloids. 

2, Sulfur content. 

The sulfur content of pre-dispersed rubber auxiliaries mainly characterizes the content of active components in the products, and only part of the products need to be determined. 

3, Density. 

The density of pre-dispersed rubber auxiliaries has a certain relationship with the properties of raw materials, the dispersion during processing and the content of anti-adhesive. 

4, Mooney viscosity. 

The Mooney viscosity of the pre dispersed rubber agent represents its storage, transportation and processing properties.


5, Dispersion. 

The dispersibility of rubber auxiliaries in pre-dispersed rubber auxiliaries has a direct impact on the stability of rubber products, and its groups have a greater impact on energy production. Therefore, it is necessary to investigate the dispersibility of pre-dispersed rubber auxiliaries.