Sunnyjoint recently sells well for post-vulcanization stabilizer HTS

- Apr 02, 2019-

The application of post-vulcanization stabilizer HTS in all-steel radial tires. With the rapid development of highway transportation industry, the performance requirements for tires are getting higher and higher: the tires are required to have low heat generation, fast heat dissipation, and can adapt to high speed and safety. And durable driving. To this end, the rubber material, especially the steel cord rubber in the radial truck tire, can maintain the bonding strength between the original steel wire and the rubber material under high temperature aging conditions, and prevent high heat generation due to high speed, resulting in high heat generation. The curtain is gradually degummed and delaminated, so that the tires are scrapped early. In view of the above situation, in order to improve the performance of the rubber compound under high temperature aging conditions, we used the post-vulcanization stabilizer HTS in the steel cord rubber compound to achieve the expected effect. The main raw material post-vulcanization stabilizer HTS, chemical name is hexamethylene 1,6 dithiosulfate disodium dihydrate, the molecular formula is NaO3S2(CH2)6S2O3Na·2H2O