Sunnyjoint STYRENATED PHENOL ,good sale !

- Mar 09, 2018-

   Antioxidant SP

   Chemical Name                                   

                                                  STYRENATED PHENOL

   Molecular Formula                               C22H22O

   Molecular Structure                                


 Gravity                                           1.07-1.09

  CAS NO.                                            61788-44-1





                Light Yellow Transparent Sticky liquid

(25℃)Refractive Powder Rate


 Ash % ≤


 Viscosity (25℃ CP)




Properties  The gravity is 1.07-1.09, the flash point is bigger than 180 ℃ , the boiling point is higher than 250 ℃ .Dissolves in ethyl alcohol, acetone, the fat hydrocarbon, aromatic hydrocarbon,  dichloromethane and so on the organic solvent, does not dissolve in the water.


Uses        This is for butylbenzenc, chlorine ding, the second grade and third grade synthetic rubber and the natural rubber stabilizer, has the line anti- aged function in the rubber and the emulsion product, can enhance the product ‘s heat-resisting oxygen aging performance, non-toxic ,no pollution.

Package      200kg /drum

Storage Life  12 months