Sunnyjoint will explain to you the trend of rubber antioxidant 6PPD

- Jul 11, 2018-

SUNNYJOINT will explains the trend of rubber anti-aging agent 6PPD. The price trend of rubber anti-aging agent 6PPD in the past two years can be seen. Since January 2018, its price has shown a gradual downward trend, and the price has dropped from 25,000 yuan/ton at the beginning of January. 20,500 yuan / ton, a drop of 18%.

The decline in the price of antioxidants is affected by many factors. The decline in the prices of raw materials such as aniline and the imbalance between supply and demand are the main reasons. As for the price of aniline, it fell from 11,625 yuan / ton to 9225 yuan / ton, a drop of 20.6%. Especially from the end of April, the price of aniline fell linearly, and the price fell from 12,125 yuan / ton to the current 9225 yuan / ton, a decrease of 23.9%. The sharp decline in aniline has lowered the overall price of anti-aging agents while boosting the production cost of rubber anti-aging agents. From the perspective of supply and demand, the overall supply of rubber anti-aging agents is relatively sufficient, the company starts high, and the inventory is high, and some enterprises are even in stock. Under the influence of continuous policy supervision, the demand for rubber anti-aging agents has declined.