SUNNYJONT Rubber accelerator DPG

- Jan 25, 2019-

SUNNYJONT Rubber accelerator DPG is also called diphenyl hydrazine; accelerator DPG; rubber vulcanization accelerator DPG; 1,3-diphenyl hydrazine; N, N'-diphenyl hydrazine; symmetrical diphenyl hydrazine;

1.Additive D is mainly used as a medium speed accelerator for natural rubber and synthetic rubber. It is often used as an active agent for thiazoles, thiurams and sulfenamide accelerators. When used in combination with the accelerators DM and TMTD, it can be used for continuous vulcanization. When the second accelerator of the thiazole accelerator is used, the ageing resistance of the vulcanizate is lowered, and it is necessary to use an appropriate antioxidant. In neoprene, there are plasticizers and decomposers.

2. The use of this product has discoloration, so it is not suitable for white and light-colored rubber products, as well as rubber products in contact with food.

3. Accelerator D is mainly used in the manufacture of rubber sheets, soles, industrial products, tires, hard rubber and thick-walled products.

4. The product is used as the first accelerator in an amount of 1-2 parts, and the second accelerator as a thiazole accelerator is generally used in an amount of 0.1-0.5 parts. Its derivative, chromium butyrate, is a highly effective rust inhibitor. Also used as plastic cross-linking agent, temperature indicating materials, ore float selection additives, coating additives, polishing material additives, metal analysis reagents and building materials additives.

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