Technologicalization of rubber additives

- Nov 14, 2018-

In recent years, China's rubber auxiliaries industry has also been launched very fast. Especially after some foreign-funded companies have entered this field, China's rubber auxiliaries have made great progress in both quantity and quality, and they are basically satisfied with China's rubber. Industrial needs. However, some rubber additives with low dosage, good quality and high function of suitable high-function radial tires need to be imported. Therefore, China's rubber auxiliaries should increase investment in science and technology, strive to innovate, and actively develop new rubber auxiliaries suitable for China's tire industry. Of course, to complete this mission, the tire profession has a duty of resentment. Therefore, it is expected that tire companies, rubber auxiliaries and rubber research institutes will join hands to strengthen cooperation and take the path of joint development to shorten the distance between rubber auxiliaries and foreign rubber auxiliaries in China as soon as possible. Now, in the rubber auxiliaries occupation, active development of nano zinc oxide, nano carbon black, nano calcium carbonate, etc., these nano-scale rubber auxiliaries are very beneficial to the advancement of rubber quality and the improvement of tire function. It is necessary for China's rubber additives to have high-tech content in order to be invincible in the fierce market competition.