Ten trends of rubber industry in 2018

- Dec 21, 2018-

Time flies and time flies.In a blink of an eye, 2018 will be the end of the year.From enterprise capital operation to industry reshuffle acceleration...2018 is extremely unusual for people in every industry.

6.The global layout of domestic enterprises has been upgraded. Cross-border mergers and acquisitions and overseas factories have become hot spots in the industry

In 2018, the industry's enthusiasm for overseas investment in plant construction remains unabated.On December 12, cerun tire announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary cerun Vietnam signed a joint venture contract with cooper Vietnam, intending to establish a joint venture company in Vietnam with a total investment of 280 million us dollars.In addition, linglong tire factory in the United States, linglong tire factory in Europe is also actively preparing.In September, jiangsu general technology co., ltd. issued a notice saying it was ready to adjust its investment plan.The implementation site of overseas factories is to be adjusted from sihanouk port special economic zone in Cambodia to rayong industrial park in Thailand.In addition to the tire business, forno chemical's second plant in Thailand is also under construction.As recently as December, black cat, a domestic carbon-black giant, was planning to build factories overseas.

In addition, cross-border mergers and acquisitions of domestic enterprises become the highlight of 2018.On July 6, shuangxing group and Korea development bank (KDB) completed the delivery of kumho tire shares in Seoul, South Korea.Shuangxing acquired a 45 per cent stake in kumho tire for about rmb3.9bn, formally becoming its controlling shareholder.

7.Brand awareness rise marketing model upgrade

In 2018, brand awareness of industry enterprises will further rise, and sports marketing will be popular!On November 17 to 18, the D1 GRAND PRIX 2018 finals in shenzhen baoan stadium staged in a fierce competition, the race wheel elegant team with the highest points to win the 2018 annual points single walk, chase away the double champion, become the king of the drift.In 2018, linglong tire became the top partner of Juventus.Linglong has previously sponsored NBA China games and the Chinese volleyball super league.

In addition, China strategic rubber, wanda baotong and other tire companies have also been on the New York times square;Triangle tire and other domestic brands also entered the CCTV national brand plan, a strong landing CCTV.

8.Tire prices continue to rise

Price rises have become a buzzword in the industry in 2017, and the trend has not abated in 2018.According to incomplete statistics, the number of price increases of tire enterprises in 2018 was more than 100 times, which included almost all domestic brands such as fengshen, linglong, zhongce, zhongxing, etc., as well as foreign brands such as ma brand, Goodyear and Michelin.It is worth noting that, with the escalation of the sino-us trade war, many domestic and foreign tire companies have announced the tire prices in the United States, Canada to increase.

9.Tire e-commerce has both joys and sorrows

Not long ago, tuhu yangche issued the "double 11 war report", in which the orders increased by 88% compared with last year, the orders on the self-operated platform on double 11 increased by 126% compared with last year, and the factory shop orders increased by 143% compared with last year.

With the rise of online shopping and the further improvement of the combination of online and offline, online shopping tires are gradually recognized by consumers.On the one hand, sales are rising year after year, on the other hand, the tire manufacturers' statement.This year, many tire enterprises, including linglong tire, zhengxin tire, haohua tire, fengyuan tire, wanli tire, huili tire, jiashi road tire and so on, have issued statements, the main content is that they have not cooperated with any e-commerce platform, e-commerce platform sales products have been erased bar code, resulting in the inability to identify the authenticity.

10.The expansion of production continues to deepen the intelligent development of the factory

At the same time, intelligence has become a key word in the industry.September 17, soft holding part of the intelligent factory experience center officially opened.Soft control intelligent factory experience center is the world's first intelligent manufacturing experience platform, product test platform and technology upgrade platform for rubber and tire enterprises, is a three-dimensional, dynamic and leading experience center, creating a new industrial manufacturing practice mode.On September 19, soft control tpro-s full steel radial tire a method three drum molding machine was released, it is the world's similar models in the highest daily output of the intelligent molding machine, compared with the traditional model efficiency increased by 40%, every year can give customers an increase of about 30 million yuan.In addition, Qingdao double star, sen qilin, round and other enterprises are also accelerating the pace of intelligent.