The advantages and cautions of using antiaging agent

- Jul 08, 2019-

In order to make rubber products to achieve the most ideal degree of aging resistance, usually in the design of formula to use the method of antiaging agent, the advantages are:

1. It can make full use of the synergistic benefits of the combination of antiaging agents to improve the protection efficiency.

2. Avoid spray frost phenomenon due to its large amount when single use of anti-aging agent.

3. Multi-factor aging protection can be solved.

Precautions for use with antiaging agents

1. Match with vulcanization system should be considered.

2. The best antiaging agent for NR,BR,IR and SBR;TMDQ/IPPT or MIAPD/ microcrystalline wax-1.5;1.5;0.5 fully resistant, but easy to contaminate and change color.

DTBMP or sp/MBEPT/ microcrystalline wax-1.0;1, 0;0.5 non-discoloration type, but low ozone resistance.

DTBMP or SP/TBTU or ns-10 / microcrystalline wax-1.0;1.0;0.5- no discoloration, ozone resistant, but easy to scorch.

IPPT/TMDQ/MB - 2.0;1.0;0.5 full-proof type, further improve thermal aging, slightly impact on vulcanization.

3. The best aging system for CR;IPPD/DODPA,DCDPA/ microcrystalline wax-1.5;2, 0;0.5 fully resistant, but easy to burn.

DPPD/TMDQ/ microcrystalline wax-0.3;2.0;0.5 heat and flexural resistant, but easy to eject.

DCDPA/ microcrystalline wax-4.0;1.0 dynamic ozone resistant.

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Best aged system for NBR;DCDPA or ADPAL/MB - 4.0;1.5 heat-resistant oil aging type,

TMDQ/MB - 1.5;1.0 flexural, but scorch

IPPD/NIDBC or microcrystalline wax-2.0;1.0 ozone resistant.But easy to spit out.