The effect of carbon black dispersion on carbon black and its products

- Apr 08, 2019-

The dispersion of carbon black has great influence on carbon black and its products.Usually, it is three roller machine grinding carbon black to disperse, the commonly used dispersion medium has glass beads, steel beads and ceramic beads.


The working principle of the three-roller grinding machine is that it relies on shear force and pressure to overcome the cohesion of carbon black to disperse and crush carbon black.In the use of the three roller machine to carry out relevant adjustments to ensure the efficient and smooth grinding.


1. The distance between rollers shall be adjusted according to the production demand and stabilized after being fixed, so that the pressure between rollers can reach a constant state.

2, roller temperature control, to ensure that the constant temperature during the work is not fluctuating between high and low, otherwise it will affect the system viscosity and affect the dispersion of carbon black.

3, if the production of products requiring high blackness, high gloss, high dispersion and different batches of production, to carefully clean the surface of the three-roller machine.


When using the three-roller machine, it is necessary to premix and mix the materials, and to control the amount of the dispersion medium, too much will increase the wear between the medium, resulting in the reduction of particle size of the dispersion medium;Too little will increase the dispersion medium spacing and reduce the dispersion efficiency of carbon black.