The goods float in the sea, the customer says change port!

- Jun 06, 2019-

With the uncertainty of china-us trade frictions, strikes at ports in some countries and congestion at ports, we may frequently receive requests from shippers for temporary port changes.We can't refuse customers, but it involves all kinds of documents, applications and fees, and it is very complicated to operate.In order to make us no longer unable to start when we encounter the change of port, let us sort out the operation process of shipping change of port according to the situation.Of course, do not encounter change port best ~


4. The shipment has arrived at the port


In this case, changing the port is the most troublesome, which requires the cooperation of the customs of the destination port to succeed.First of all, we need to issue the letter of guarantee for the change of port to the shipowner, and the shipowner will send an email to the destination port.The port of destination ship company to submit application for change the port to the customs, after waiting for the customs matters agreed to change the port to the port of destination, can operate subsequent changes, from the port of destination division to help booking, loading, this change of port cost is high, both the customs fines, and owner's cost, suggest shipper as a last resort, don't choose this way to change the port;


About the letter of guarantee for change of port

1. If the bill of lading is abroad, it can be delivered to the local shipping company, and the location of the bill of lading shall be indicated in the corresponding position of the guarantee;

2. If you need to change the consignee/notifier, please indicate the details of the new consignee/notifier on the guarantee, including the company name, address, postal code, city, country and contact information;

3. The payment method of all fees, if there is a third place to pay, the specific contact information of the payer must be provided;

4. If a new bill of lading is required to be issued at the port of destination or a third place, an additional long-distance issuance guarantee shall be provided, which shall be accepted or rejected depending on the feasibility of specific operation.


About the cost of changing the port

The change of port may involve the following costs, but the final written quotation provided by the shipping company shall prevail:

1. Change of manifest: charge according to the ticket.

2. Port change fee: charged by ticket or container.

3. Replacement fee/transfer fee: according to the actual loading space of the container on the ship, the shipping company will confirm and quote.

4. New freight: confirmed by the shipping company according to the actual situation.If the new freight is higher than the old freight, it will be charged as the actual freight.If the new freight is lower than the old freight, the difference will not be refunded.Amendment fee: rmb400-500.

5. Other costs: such as the change fee of American manifest, customs penalty and so on. For the boxes that arrive at the port soon, we need to see whether there are any costs at the destination port, such as the cost of changing the import warehouse receipt.

In short, there are various reasons for customers to request the change of port. No matter what the reason is, in the case of confirming the change of port, the application should be handled as early as possible, so as to avoid more losses.