The history of natural rubber

- Jan 18, 2019-

Natural rubber is native to the amazon region of South America, mala mountain (western region, the local indians called the rubber tree "tears tree", and from the soil into water containers, rubber balls and other rubber products.

As the Spanish and Portuguese sailed, they brought their knowledge of natural rubber to Europe.However, after a long period of time, people's understanding and application of natural rubber is only limited to its waterproof characteristics, the application of natural rubber has not made substantial progress.

It was not until American chemist Charles Goodyear accidentally invented the vulcanization method of rubber in his experiments that natural rubber became a formal industrial raw material and many industries related to rubber were made possible.Since then, the demand for natural rubber also rose sharply.

Later, British wei kehan collected ten thousand rubber seeds from the amazon jungle and sent them to the royal botanic garden in London, England. The rubber seeds were developed into rubber seedlings, which were then shipped to Singapore, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and other countries for planting and success.