The knowledge of Rubber antioxidants

- Dec 05, 2018-

Rubber and its products in the long-term storage and use of the process, due to heat, oxygen, ozone, variable price metal ions, mechanical stress, light, high-energy rays, as well as other chemical substances and mold erosion, will gradually sticky, hardened brittle or cracking. This physical and mechanical properties decline over time, the phenomenon of reduced elasticity is called aging. With the development of aging process, the performance of rubber and its products will gradually decrease so as to completely lose the use value. To this end, it is necessary to add certain chemicals to rubber and its products to improve its resistance to the various destructive effects described above, to delay or inhibit the aging process, thus prolonging the storage period and service life of rubber and its products, such substances are called anti-aging agents. 

Rubber antioxidants can be divided into three generations.

1st generation: Antioxidant D (PBN) and Antioxidant A (PBA)

2nd generation: TMQ (RD)

3rd generation:  IPPD (4010NA) and 6PPF (4020)