The largest port in the Philippines, Manila

- Feb 22, 2019-

The largest port in the Philippines, Manila, is seriously congested

Recently, the largest port in the Philippines, Manila, is extremely congested, and the port utilization rate has reached 100%, and may even be overloaded.

In order to alleviate congestion in the port of Manila, the Customs Office (BOC) ordered the transfer of empty containers to the other two ports, Batangas and Subic ports.

Truck drivers and customs brokers have called on the government to implement empty container re-export regulations as an emergency measure to solve the congestion problem in Manila port.

It is reported that in response to this matter, the Philippine Customs Brokers and Freight Association (APBTA) held a press conference on the Joint Administrative Order (JAO) proposed by the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Trade and Industry, and stated that JAO may be in the long run. The port is helpful, but it will not immediately solve the current port congestion problem.

APBTA said that the joint administrative order JAO will be released later this month, and by regulating the charging behavior of international shipping companies, it will be regarded as a "long-term" solution, adding that urgent measures are needed to ensure trade goods. Free flow.

According to the JAO Freight Regulations, shipping companies will not be allowed to collect fees in the Philippines, but will keep the container yard charges consistent with international charges to prevent container yards from abandoning empty containers.