The salary of the tire industry employees is revealed! Which company is the biggest party?

- Jun 18, 2019-

With the weakening of the demographic dividend effect in China, the difficulty of recruiting workers has become very prominent in recent years. The welfare benefits of tire companies to employees are also constantly improving. "China Rubber" does the compensation for employees of 11 large listed companies. Finished.

Double money tire data is not listed separately

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, the average annual salary of private and non-private units in urban areas is 44,800 yuan and 74,300 yuan. It can be seen that the majority of enterprises in the industry have paid more than this level.

The salary level of the enterprise is closely related to the consumption level of the locality. According to the data released by the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, the salary of 11 enterprises is basically better than the local consumption level. Among them, the per capita annual salary of Xiamen City is 82,600 yuan. The annual salary of employees exceeded nearly 10,000 yuan.

The per capita annual salary of Qingdao is 72,700 yuan. The Sailing Group and Qingdao Double Stars in Qingdao are far above the average. The annual salary of Qingdao Double Star is more than 20,000 yuan higher than this value.

The average income of each employee can be distributed to each employee. The above table has been ranked according to the per capita sales. It can be seen that Huayi Group tops the list with 3.463 million yuan, but there is a high average value of the chemical industry. Possible.

The top 5 companies include Triangle Tire, Sai Lun Group, Pulin Chengshan and Guizhou Tire. Seven of the above-mentioned companies have sales of more than one million yuan, and the per capita sales are also the return on human investment. Important reference.

"China Rubber" previously published an article entitled "Who is the listed company of the tire industry's largest party?", which analyzes in detail the "generous degree" of these tire companies to stock market investors in 2018.

Combining the two articles, enterprises can get more capital favors from investors, and they can get more employees' support and increase their sense of well-being and belonging to employees. Can make them more motivated at work.