The state name, these provinces and cities give priority to the development of rubber industry!

- Dec 19, 2018-

The ministry of industry and information technology of the People's Republic of China (miit) issued the "industrial transfer guidance catalogue" (2018 edition) on January, 2018. The catalogue is divided into four sections: northeast, east, central and west China, sorting out the industrial development directions of all provinces and cities, clarifying the priority industries of provinces and regions to undertake development and guiding the optimization and adjustment of industries, and repeatedly naming the rubber industry.

The development and layout of new materials related to synthetic rubber and elastomers in provinces and cities are summarized as follows:

1.liaoning province

①.Ethylene, propylene, carbon four deep processing products (dalian)

②. Special synthetic rubber and high-performance thermoplastic elastomer (shenyang, dalian, fushun, panjin)

2.Jilin province

①. Ethylene propylene rubber, isoprene rubber, butyl rubber and other special rubber (jilin city)

②. Polymer materials for automobile lightweight (jilin, changchun, siping and gonggongling)

3.heilongjiang province

①. Petrochemical deep processing (daqing city, Harbin city, qiqihar city, mudanjiang city, suihua city)

4.Hebei province

①. Integration of refining and chemical industry (tangshan city, cangzhou city)

②. Engineering rubber (hengshui city, cangzhou city, shijiazhuang city, tangshan city, xingtai city)

③.Special engineering plastics, thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer (TPU) materials (shijiazhuang city, baoding city, hengshui city, handan city)

4. Shanghai

①. New polyurethane series materials and supporting raw materials (chemical industry zone, jinshan district)

5. Jiangsu province

①. Petrochemical deep processing (lianyungang city)

6. Zhejiang province

①. Integration of refining and chemical industry (ningbo, zhoushan)

②. Advanced polymer materials (ningbo, zhoushan, jiaxing, shaoxing)

7. Fujian province

①.Petrochemical deep processing (quanzhou, zhangzhou)

②.Butyl rubber, ethylene propylene rubber, soluble styrene butadiene rubber, rare earth series butadiene rubber and other production facilities (quanzhou, zhangzhou)

8. Guangdong province

①. Petrochemical deep processing (huizhou, zhanjiang, jieyang, maoming)

②.High grade radial tire and supporting special materials (guangzhou, shantou, huizhou, maoming, jieyang)

③.New elastomer materials (guangzhou, huizhou, maoming, jieyang, zhanjiang)

9.Hainan province

①. High-performance rubber, high-performance fiber (haikou city, chengmai county, danzhou city, dongfang city)

10.Henan province

①.Synthetic resin, synthetic rubber (luoyang city, pingdingshan city, hebi city, jiaozuo city, puyang city)

②. Functional polymer materials, special polymers (kaifeng, luoyang, pingdingshan, xinxiang, puyang)

11.Hubei province

①. Special rubber (suizhou)

12. Hunan province

①. Special rubber (yueyang city)

13. Sichuan province

①. Special synthetic rubber (chengdu, zigong and nanchong)

14. Yunnan province

①. Petrochemical deep processing (kunming, chuxiong)

15. Gansu province

①. Synthetic materials, fine chemicals and other deep-processing products (baiyin city, lanzhou city, jiuquan city, zhangye city, qingyang city)

16.Ningxia hui autonomous region

①.Synthetic rubber (yinchuan city, shizuishan city, wuzhong city)

What needs special attention is that the ministry of industry and information technology clarifies the general policy of "market-oriented and government-guided", and puts forward the "transfer catalogue", which emphasizes the orientation. The purpose is to provide guidance to relevant parties of industrial transfer, and not to restrict the industries and regions not listed as priority to undertake development.Nor does it set timetables, road maps or task books for industries that lead to optimization and adjustment.