the tire industry demand for rubber additives

- Nov 01, 2018-

Guess one: Calculate according to the amount of rubber additives and fillers in the total amount of raw rubber accounted for about 50%.

Guess 2: In 2001, the tire branch accounted for a total of 83.77 million tires of the tires of the member tires, equivalent to 63.02 million tires of 9.00-20-14PR. According to this share calculation, in 2001, the national tire production value was 110 million, equivalent to 79.21 million tires. In 2005, the total value of tires was 125 million, equivalent to 91,000 tires. Based on this, the demand for various rubber additives in the tire occupation is calculated.

Guess 3: In recent years, all-steel radial truck tires have been launched faster, and various new rubber additives have been used more. Now take 11.00R20 as an example to calculate the demand for some rubber additives.