The tires have grown in 20 years! Industry big coffee emergency discussion

- Jun 20, 2019-

On March 24th, the China Rubber Industry Association Tire Branch held the ninth three-member enlarged meeting in Guangzhou to discuss the current hot issues in the industry. Chairman of the Tire Branch, Chairman of the Double Star Group Party Committee, Chairman and General Manager Chai Yongsen presided over the meeting.

Shi Yifeng, Secretary General of the Tire Branch, reported on the 2018 work summary and the 2019 work outlook. He said that in 2018, in the face of the complicated economic situation at home and abroad, the tire industry and enterprises faced difficulties and continued to advance in the supply-side structural reform, technological progress, green development, expansion of domestic and foreign demand markets, and economic benefits. With new progress, the overall economic operation has remained stable, and the economy has progressed steadily, and the quality of tires, sales revenue, total profit, and total profits and taxes have been better than last year. Exports have maintained slight growth, and the tire industry has moved toward high quality. .

However, due to factors such as the domestic and international environment and the structural excess of the industry itself, China's tire production has ended 20 consecutive years of growth, tire industry transformation and upgrading, structural adjustment, technological innovation, green recycling, fair competition, and strive to achieve high quality development. It has become more and more urgent.

According to the statistics of the tire branch survey, the total output of automobile tires in the country in 2018 was about 648 million, a slight decrease of 0.76%. Among them, the output of radial tires was 609 million, a slight decrease of 0.65%; the output of bias tires was 39 million, down by 2.5%; the rate of meridian was 94%. In the radial tire production, the total steel tires were 133 million, a slight increase of 1.53%; the semi-steel tires were 476 million, a slight decrease of 1.24%. The tire product structure is transformed into a tubeless, wide section, large rim and wear-resistant, wet-slip resistant, low-noise, lightweight and high-end.

Shen Jinrong, chairman of Zhongce Rubber Group, analyzed the impact on the tire industry from three aspects: automobile production, environmental protection and foreign “double opposition” and social prejudice against the environmental protection of the tire industry.

Wang Feng, CEO of Fengshen Tire Co., Ltd., focused on how the tire industry can develop with high quality. He said that China's tire people are working hard, but the price is not going up, the company is caught in the price war, which is detrimental to the image of the country and cannot achieve high-quality development. He called for the countdown to the tire labeling method and rewards for the first mover and the leader.

Xu Wenying, vice president and secretary general of China Rubber Association, believes that China is a big tire country, but it is not a strong country. Although Chinese enterprises are willing to invest in hardware, the overall development level still lags behind that of developed countries. She appealed that domestic tire companies should not blindly invest, and should strengthen industry self-discipline and provide differentiated services.

The party secretary and chairman of the Double Money Tire Group Co., Ltd. Chu Zhengyu analyzed the impact of the “double reverse” in Europe and the United States on the Chinese tire industry and enterprises. He said that in recent years, in addition to the intelligent and overseas construction of the tire industry, the tire industry lacks bright spots in products, and should increase investment in research and development to improve product performance.

Chai Yongsen said that there is no sunset industry, only the sunset enterprises, enterprises must be body-building, fitness, and physical fitness, to meet the needs of the market in order to not be eliminated. At the same time, he also introduced the situation of the double star waste tire cracking project.

Ma Zhong, Director of Standards and Regulations of Continental Horse Tire (China) Co., Ltd., talked about his tires and dreams. He believes that China's per capita car ownership is only slightly higher than that of Africa. To realize the Chinese dream, China's automobile industry will inevitably develop. According to the plan, the fuel consumption of automobiles will reach 4 liters per 100 kilometers in the future. Except for Class A tires, this requirement cannot be met. However, the current tire label has not yet been popularized, so he called for the establishment of a green tire labeling legal system as soon as possible. Similarly, for the extension of producer responsibility, the government should establish a legal system that includes a complete industrial chain, including production, recycling, waste, and consumers, rather than just producers.

The general manager of Pulin Chengshan (Shandong) Tire Co., Ltd. Che Baozhen analyzed the impact of “double reverse” on the Chinese tire industry. He believes that enterprises are still price competition. At the same time, he also analyzed that domestic tires only account for 20%, while car ownership is still growing, and the tire replacement market is also increasing, which is beneficial to the industry.

In addition, three raw material companies introduced new products and materials for tires. Chen Jiasheng, Sales Director of East Asia's Tire Additives Business, introduced "Innovative Products to Improve Tire Productivity"; Wu Haoren, Technical Director of Hangzhou Zhongde Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. introduced the "Application of Nickel Niobate Adhesion Promoter in Tires" Zhou Qiulan, Marketing Director of North Asia, Rubber Enhancement Division of Bekaert Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. exchanged the "Bekaert New Technology to Help Green Tire Development" with representatives.