The Top 75 Global Tire Companies Were Released, And Chinese Companies Accounted For 38 Seats

- Nov 22, 2018-

On August 28th, the US "Tirebusiness" officially released the list of the top 18 global tires in 2018. In 2017, the global tire market went out of decline, sales continued to grow strongly, but the profit indicators did not improve. The world tire rankings have not changed much, Bridgestone continues to climb to the top, but the next year's ranking change is more likely.

The 2018 Global Tire Top 75 list is ranked according to the sales related to tire manufacturing in 2017. This year's ranking has changed little. The top 10 is almost the last year's turn, but last year's fifth-ranked Italian Pirelli and 6th. The position of the Japanese Sumitomo rubber industry changed position, and the world tire pattern was basically stable.

Bridgestone ranked first in the world for the 10th consecutive year with sales of US$24.4 billion. It continued to win the benefit of the contribution of the other two participating companies, namely 43.6% of the shares of Turkish Sabaki tires and 14.6% of the shares of Finland's Nokia tires. ;

Michelin ranked second with $23.6 billion; third with Goodyear's $14.3 billion; and the fourth German horse with $11.3 billion in sales, further narrowing the gap with the top three. Although the German mainland has a gap of nearly US$3 billion with the third Goodyear, in recent years, continuous investment has enabled the production capacity of passenger tires to expand by 20 million. Its passenger tire production capacity is comparable to Goodyear and is expected to hit the world in recent years. Tire "three legs" situation.

The only change in the top 10 is that Sumitomo Rubber has surpassed Pirelli in Italy to rank fifth and Pirelli ranks sixth. China Chemical acquired part of Pirelli commercial tire assets and integrated China Double Happiness Tire, Qingdao Huanghai Rubber and Guilin Tire. Pirelli ranked one step backwards in reducing commercial tire sales. On the contrary, Sumitomo acquired Europe after the cooperation with Goodyear. North American tire companies have made sales increase, entering the top five.

The 7th place is Hankook Tire; the 8th is Youke Homa; the 9th and 10th are Chinese tire companies, Zhengxin International ranks 9th with US$3.9555 billion, and Hangzhou Zhongce Sales is US$3.6219 billion 10th place.

The 11th place is the Singapore Jiatong tires; the 12th and 13th positions are dropped, the Japanese Toyo Rubber surpasses the US Cooper tire rubber ranks 12th, the US Cooper tire rubber ranks 13th; the 14th and 15th are the South Korea Kumho Tires and Indian MRF companies.

There are some changes in the 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th places, namely, India Apollo tires, China Shandong Linglong Rubber, Shandong Hengfeng Rubber, Sailong Jinyu, South Korea's next century tires, of which the racing wheel Jinyu rose from 27th last year. To the 19th place, the rankings changed a lot.

Among the top 75, there are 33 in mainland China, 5 in Taiwan, 7 in India, 5 in the US, 4 in Japan, 3 in South Korea, 2 in Italy, Russia, Vietnam and Turkey, France, Germany, Singapore. Finland, Belarus, Canada, Sweden, Iran, Argentina and Indonesia each have one seat.

There are three new entry ranks, namely Italy Prometeon Tire Group, Vietnam Big Pouch Tire and China Shandong Fengyuan Tire. There are three other than the top 75, namely India United Tire, Czech Mitas and Chinese Buddy Tires.

In the top 75 rankings, Chinese tire companies accounted for 38 seats, more than half of the total, of which the top 10 accounted for two seats, the top 20 accounted for 5 seats.