The world's largest mining coal mining face safely recovers over 10 million tons

- Feb 22, 2019-

On February 4th, Lunar New Year's Eve, China's first 200 million tons of coal production base - National Energy Group Shendong Coal Group Company news, the world's first fully independent intellectual property rights 8.8 meters super high mining intelligent mining work Faced with a 323-day safe recovery and a new record of 10 million tons of raw coal, it presented a heavy gift for the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China. China's first 200 million tons of coal production base - National Energy Group Shendong Coal Group Corporation news.

Since the implementation of this "super project", it has created a number of world firsts - the world's first installed power (15,842 kW), the first fully-acquisition mining system in the world (8.8 meters), and the world's largest total weight of equipment ( 16679 tons), the world's first work efficiency (1050 tons / work), especially the world record of the highest daily output of 58,400 tons, the highest monthly output of 1.46 million tons, single well single side has an annual production capacity of 16 million tons . Compared with the 7-meter high mining height of the same coal seam, the 8.8-meter super-high mining intelligent fully mechanized mining face of Shangwan Coal Mine can recover more than 4.05 million tons of coal, and the recovery rate has increased by 20.2%; the mining efficiency has increased by 128 tons/work, and the recovery is improved. The work efficiency has increased by 14.3%, greatly improving the recovery rate and returning to work efficiency.

The Shangwan Coal Mine, where the 8.8-meter super-high mining intelligent fully mechanized mining face is located, is one of the main production mines of the National Energy Group Shendong Coal Group Co., Ltd., located in the Yijinhuoluo Banner of Erdos City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The minefield covers an area of 61.8 square kilometers, with a geological reserve of 1.135 billion tons and a recoverable reserve of 732 million tons. The coal quality is high-quality thermal coal, chemical and metallurgical coal with ultra-low ash, ultra-low sulphur, ultra-low phosphorus, medium and high calorific value, and is known as “green coal”.

The thickness of the coal seam in the Sipan area of Shangwan Coal Mine is between 7.95 meters and 9.25 meters, with an average thickness of 8.9 meters and a reserve of about 190 million tons. It belongs to extra-thick coal seams, and it has shallow burial, high hardness, high toughness and stable coal wall. In response to the characteristics of the thick coal seams in Shangwan Coal Mine, in order to further improve the height of fully mechanized coal mining, improve resource recovery rate, recovery output and work efficiency, the National Energy Group launched a project of “8.8 meters” in November 2016 after a series of investigations and scientific demonstrations. The project of intelligent super large mining and comprehensive mining equipment research and development and demonstration project was included in the national key research and development plan project by the Ministry of Science and Technology. The project lasted for 1 year and 2 months, and was divided into 13 projects to carry out research and development. A complete set of intelligent comprehensive mining equipment with completely independent intellectual property rights and complete localization was developed. On March 20, 2018, the 12401 fully mechanized mining face in Shangwan Coal Mine was completed. Put into trial production and achieved success.

The research and development of the 8.8-meter super-high mining and full-height process and complete equipment project has filled the technical gap of extra-thick coal seam mining at home and abroad, and improved the research and development capability and manufacturing level of fully mechanized mining equipment. It is once in comprehensive mining equipment and mining technology. Historical change. It not only further promotes the development of large-scale fully mechanized mining equipment at home and abroad, but also provides technical basis and reference experience for safe and efficient mining of special thick coal seams in wells under similar conditions, which promotes the innovation and progress of green mining technology. It is of great significance to lead the development direction of the coal industry and upgrade the construction level of world-class demonstration coal mines.