This year's tire membership conference and technical forum has five major points of view

- May 07, 2019-

On April 25th, China Rubber Industry Association Tire Branch 2019 Member Conference and Technology Forum was held in Tianjin Saixiang Hotel, Shi Yifeng, Secretary General of Tire Branch, Wang Feng, Chairman of Fengshen Tire Co., Ltd., and Director of Qingdao Xunmao Smart Tire Technology Co., Ltd. Chang Xia Xunmao presided over the meeting in stages. Participants reflected that the meeting was very successful and very satisfactory. There are five major points of view:

One point, the content of the meeting is attractive. The theme of the conference was “Transformation, upgrading, quality improvement, high quality development”. The tire industry and the leaders of upstream and downstream enterprises were very interested. More than 160 people attended the meeting. This is the number of participants in recent years. It is also the Chinese tire this year. The most important event in the industry.

Aspect 2, many companies attended the meeting. From the list of attendance meetings, the leaders of the association and the chairman, general manager, deputy general manager and other leaders of the association are the most numerous, accounting for 52% of the total number of conferences, leading leaders, corporate amnesties and relevant scholars and experts. Get together and seek common development in the industry.

Aspect 3, in terms of the strategic development of the industry. Xu Wenying, vice president and secretary general of China Rubber Industry Association, expressed important opinions on strategic issues such as trade friction, extension of producer responsibility, safety and environmental protection. She called on tire companies to unite as one, improve their own development quality, and jointly promote China's tires. Big countries have changed to strong tires.

Aspect 4, in the status quo of the industry and the next step in key work. Chai Yongsen, Chairman of the China Rubber Industry Association Tire Branch and Chairman of Double Star Group Co., Ltd., gave a report on the development of the national tire industry in the past year and the direction of efforts in 2019. He introduced the overall economic operation of the tire industry in 2018. The national tire production showed negative growth for the first time in 20 years. The total output of automobile tires nationwide was 648 million pieces, down 0.7% year-on-year (the same below), including 609 million radial tires, down 0.65%. , bias tires of 39 million, down 2.56%. Looking back at the economic performance of the tire industry in the previous year, there are mainly eight characteristics: First, the growth rate of the tire industry is high and then low, and the whole year is fluctuating. Second, the growth rate of tire exports is decreasing, and the output of Europe and the United States is greatly reduced. The third is the benefit differentiation of the tire industry. The fourth is the progress of tire structure adjustment, the backward production capacity has been resolved; the fifth is the integration of “two transformations” and the wise development of intelligent manufacturing; the sixth is the new achievements in technological innovation and brand cultivation; and the seventh is the “going out” internationalization. The development is progressing steadily; the eighth is to pay attention to environmental protection and take the green development path.

At the same time, Chairman Chai proposed six key tasks for tire industry enterprises in 2019: First, continue to adhere to innovation and development; second, continue to promote technological progress; third, continue to strengthen the construction of talent team; fourth, continue to strengthen tire quality and brand cultivation; The fifth is to continue to focus on safe production; the sixth is to formulate the “fourteenth five-year” development plan for tires.

Aspect 5: On the key points, hot spots and difficult issues in the development of industrial enterprises. Key enterprise CEOs and experts conducted useful discussions and made good suggestions: