Three rubbers are used in the production of inflatable rubber fenders

- Apr 23, 2019-

Inflatable rubber fenders are a very large proportion of rubber fenders. What are the differences between the rubber materials used?

Generally, the rubber rubber content of inflatable rubber fenders is more than 50%. Currently, most rubber rubber fenders on the market use natural rubber and natural rubber containing reclaimed rubber. Among them, the quality of Thailand No. 3 tobacco sheet rubber is the most. it is good.

Three types of rubber are used in the production of inflatable rubber fenders: inner layer glue, cord glue and outer layer glue. Vietnam's 3L natural rubber with 67% of rubber is considered to be the best material for inner tube because of its superiority in density and stretchability, but it is not suitable for outer layer rubber; cord rubber and airbag The glue on the same is the same; the outer layer glue is added with neoprene and other chemical agents on the basis of the cord glue, which makes the rubber more resistant to acid, alkali and seawater corrosion, and has anti-aging properties improved.