Tire production value and Standard types

- Oct 31, 2018-

According to calculations by relevant departments, in 2001, 173 units in the country produced more than 130 million tires. After deducting some motorcycle tires, the national tire output value is about 110 million.

However, from the accounting report of the tire branch, the output value of the biased tires of state-owned enterprises has been declining, indicating that the bias tires are being transferred to private enterprises. 2 radial tires continue to maintain high speed, especially all-steel radial truck tires. From the accounting report of the tire branch, the growth rate in the first four months of this year exceeded 50%, and the annual forecast is expected to reach more than 6 million.

The development of China's roads, cars and transportation industry not only puts more demands on the demand for tires, but also puts forward higher requirements on the skills and standards of tires. In 2001, all kinds of tires produced by China's tire companies were able to satisfy the needs of China's car industry and transportation work in terms of quantity, quality and standard types.