Wanda Baotong All-steel puncture-resistant tires successfully launched

- May 20, 2019-

Recently, Wanda Baotong All-steel Tire Company's newly developed puncture-resistant tires, which are not leaking intelligent self-healing tires, have been successfully launched. The nail self-healing tire has many advantages such as resistance to leakage and noise reduction, and Wanda Baotong's nail-free self-healing tire rubber coating (polymer memory nano composite material) The memory self-healing function allows sharp objects with a diameter of less than 6mm to be tightly wrapped by the rubber coating without leaking when piercing the tire; when the sharp object is pulled out, the perforation is filled with the rubber coating and Sealed well, effectively solves the phenomenon of air leakage and slow leakage caused by the puncture of the vacuum tire. And the same aperture, you can repeatedly nail the nails without leaking. At the same time, Wanda Baotong's nail self-healing tire rubber coating has good sound absorption, because the gel layer is closely connected to the inner wall of the tire, which can absorb the noise generated by the tire friction, thereby greatly reducing the tire. Noise generated at high speeds. In addition, due to the high elasticity of the explosion-proof glue, it can greatly absorb the impact force of the foreign object on the tire, effectively reducing the vibration feeling of the vehicle while driving, thereby greatly improving the comfort of driving.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Wanda Group, Wanda Baotong tires have achieved industrial development and growth with outstanding brand, product, service and technology advantages for 16 years. In the future, in the new era, Wanda Baotong tires will continue to develop and innovate, through continuous research and development investment, to adapt to the changing market situation, relying on its excellent product quality, to bring safe and comfortable driving for global users. Experience.