Wanda Group announced that it has taken over an additive listed company!

- Jan 09, 2019-

On January 7, Shandong Rubber Chemical Co., Ltd., a rubber and plastics auxiliaries manufacturer, announced that the company’s actual controller, Zhao Dongri, recently transferred 25.26 million shares held by a company named Jinhu Investment. The move will result in a change in the real controller of the Japanese chemical industry, and its controlling shareholder will become Shandong Private Joint Investment Holding Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Lu Mintou”).

"China Rubber" learned that Lumin Investment was officially announced in May 2018. The founder of Lumintou was the parent company of Wanda Baotong Tire and Nyster Carbon Black, the chairman of the Board of Directors of Wanda Holding Group, and Wanda Holding Group is the largest shareholder of the investment company.

According to Riko Chemical, Lumin invested in a strategic cooperation agreement with the company in October 2018. Later, Lumin Investment successively purchased 3,111,300 shares of the company, which is the company of Lumin Investment mentioned above. ——Jinhu Investment reached a total of 62.067 million shares after the completion of the transaction, that is, Lumin’s total control of the company’s shares reached 93,179,100 shares, accounting for 21.88% of its total share capital, becoming the largest shareholder.

According to the insider's statement, the main products of the company are processing aids, impact modifiers and powder rubber. This time, Lumin invested in the company, which will bring rich resources of rubber and petrochemical industry, which will help strengthen The deep cooperation between Nike Chemical and the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain further enhances its core competitiveness and profitability.