What are the USES of carbon black?

- May 20, 2019-

Industrial carbon black is made up of hydrocarbon cracking of hydrocarbons (oil or gas) and incomplete combustion of high dispersibility of black powder material, mainly composed of carbon element, and microcrystalline graphite structure, and the concentric orientation, its "particles" by nearly spherical or other irregular shape of the aggregate.


Characteristics of carbon black:

The best black paint.

It's almost the cheapest paint.

3. Pigments with the strongest coloring and hiding power.

4. Visually neutral.

5. Most stable pigment, heat resistant, chemical resistant and light resistant.


USES of carbon black:

Mainly used as reinforcing agent and filler of rubber, its consumption is about half of rubber consumption, rubber carbon black accounts for 94% of the total carbon black, about 60% of which is used in tire manufacturing.In addition, also used as ink, paint and plastic colorants and plastic products of ultraviolet screening agent.It is also an important additive in many other products such as electrodes, dry batteries, resistors, explosives, cosmetics and polishing creams.


In addition, there are many types of carbon black, different types of carbon black play the role and performance is not the same.Moreover, some carbon black can be processed into different types of carbon black through a series of special processing.