Where is the major production of rubber additives in the Asia Pacific region?

- Dec 11, 2018-

Asia Pacific Rubber additives production is mainly concentrated in China, South Korea and Japan, South Korea Jinhu Petrochemical in recent years rapid development of amphetamine-type anti-aging agent 4020; 

At present, the production scale has reached 70,000 tons/year, of which intermediates rt-is mainly imported from China. Japan's new, Sumitomo and Toray are Japan's leading manufacturers of rubber auxiliaries, especially the new in the industry has a high reputation. At present, the propellant capacity of about 15,000 tons/year, with Puyang Willing Joint venture production promoters. 

In recent years, India's rubber additives industry has also made great strides, and with a price advantage in some products to become a competitor to China's additives, India's national chemistry is India's largest additive enterprise production enterprises.

There are still several manufacturers of rubber auxiliaries in India, but the production capacity is below million tons.