Whether the natural rubber market will continue to be strong aftermarket forecast

- Feb 26, 2019-

Natural rubber analysts believe that the superposition of several factors such as low production season, favorable policies, downstream start-up, and tripartite meetings have prompted natural rubber to rebound sharply. Traders generally believe that this is the best year for the world. Timing, market confidence is sufficient, and some sources of supply are in short supply. At the moment, the short-term market of natural rubber may continue to ferment; however, the basic supply and demand contradiction of natural rubber has not been fundamentally solved. In addition to the cost impact, the shock space of natural rubber prices will be greatly restrained, and it is expected to fluctuate strongly in the short term. In particular, on the 22nd, the market informed that the tripartite meeting restricted exports, according to the past rules, the market will be boosted; but some people think that this is a "old talk", confidence is somewhat negative.