Xingda Steel Cord Liu Jinlan: Establishing a long-term mechanism for environmental protection

- Mar 19, 2019-

At present, the battle against pollution has entered a critical stage. How to further innovate the system and mechanism to make the air fresher and the sky clearer? Liu Jinlan, deputy of the National People's Congress and chairman of Jiangsu Xingda Steel Cord Co., Ltd., proposed to establish a long-term mechanism for environmental protection and better consolidate pollution prevention and control results.

"In recent years, the party and the state have attached great importance to the construction of ecological civilization. Governments at all levels have increased environmental protection and the environmental quality has continued to improve." Liu Jinlan said. However, in his research, he found that some places have experienced some abnormal phenomena in the process of environmental remediation, such as rectification and light education, the quality of law enforcement personnel can not keep up, do not pay attention to the establishment of a mechanism to engage in a gust of rectification, etc., which will give enterprises Production and operation and local economic development have a certain impact.

Liu Jinlan believes that pollution prevention and control cannot rely solely on large-scale centralized remediation, and a long-term mechanism for environmental protection must be established. He suggested combining centralized rectification with normalized supervision and using modern technology to increase the density of pollution monitoring and find that the signs are resolved in time.

At the same time, centralized rectification can not be done "one size fits all", according to the different levels of pollution, subjective and objective reasons, different treatment methods, and those enterprises with serious pollution and repeated education will be resolutely taken measures to shut down.

“The vast majority of environmental pollution is environmental awareness.” Liu Jinlan said that environmental law enforcement should be combined with environmental protection law, and centralized training and on-site explanations should be adopted to promote environmental protection laws and regulations and continuously enhance public awareness of environmental protection. It is necessary to combine environmental remediation with technical services, integrate resources, concentrate efforts, increase technical services and guidance for corporate pollution control, continuously improve the quality of service levels, and improve corporate pollution control capabilities. It is necessary to combine key supervision with comprehensive supervision, so as to "catch the big and not let small", not only to highlight the key management of large enterprises, but also to focus on a large number of small enterprises, to ensure that the supervision does not leave blind spots and dead ends.