Yiyang Rubber Machinery implemented innovation drive, and several projects for technology and technology were approved.

- May 16, 2019-

In early May, the Science and Technology Planning Department of Yiyang Rubber Plastic Machinery Group Co., Ltd. successively organized the evaluation of the establishment of enterprise science and technology project and process improvement project. A total of 29 projects passed the review. This is the first time in the enterprise that the technical and process evaluation is in the enterprise. The establishment of this innovative platform will promote the important role of enterprises in the future innovation drive.

For the first time, Yiyang Rubber Machinery Co., Ltd. launched a project for science and technology and technology projects, and collected 37 projects, including 22 science and technology projects and 15 technological improvement projects. The content involves the upgrading of machinery and electrical appliances in the leading products such as mixer, flat vulcanizing machine and twin-screw extruder, as well as 1000 liter internal mixer, gear pump filter machine, upper pressure flat vulcanizing machine, continuous Research and development of new product prototypes such as mixing equipment, as well as process improvement and new process projects. After the assessed projects have been evaluated, the project funds will be approved, and the schedule, objectives, expected results, and acceptance criteria will be determined.

Guided by the “Ten Actions”, Yiyang Rubber Machinery focuses on the “Science and Technology First” spirit and is guided by product innovation. Focusing on the main business of rubber machinery, we will work hard to develop technological innovation, management innovation, institutional innovation and business model in the extended industrial chain. Innovative, etc., through the initiative of science and technology projects to create a good atmosphere for innovation, form an incentive mechanism, encourage employees to stand on their own positions to carry out innovation and efficiency, and strengthen the application and transformation of results, targeted arrangements and deployment of key projects, Focus on solving intractable diseases and new product development in production to drive transformation and upgrading of enterprises and develop in innovation.