101 Tire Rubber Companies To Cancel Registration

- Apr 16, 2019-

Since March 2019, there have been 101 tire companies with simple cancellations in the industrial and commercial sector.

The enterprises that have been cancelled are mainly tire sales companies, but there are also many tire manufacturers, including Shandong Wanda Rubber Co., Ltd., Anhui Fulun Tire Co., Ltd., and Pingyao County Xingyi Tire Manufacturing Co., Ltd. of Shanxi Province.

Among them, Wanda Rubber is located in Dongying, Shandong.

The company’s cancellation documents show that it has completed the liquidation of debts and debts before the simple cancellation of registration.

A tire company official said that by 2019, the integration speed of the tire industry began to accelerate.

Counting 32 companies that were canceled in the industrial and commercial sector in January and February, not more than half in 2019, 133 tire, rubber and tire related companies have disappeared.

A tire dealer who has canceled the company said that at present, the overall environment of the tire industry is not good, and basically did not make any money in 2018.