5 Tires And Additives Companies Become Key Monitoring Targets

- May 09, 2019-

On May 7th, Shandong Province issued a publicity document, officially approving the list of the first batch of chemical key monitoring points to be identified. Shandong Province plans to set up 60 monitoring points, including exquisite tires and Pulin. 5 rubber companies such as Chengshan.

As a general rule, companies will not be careful in daily production because they are being monitored. Is it afraid to touch the red line?

According to "China Rubber", in fact, the key monitoring point is actually a "disguised certification" issued by Shandong Province to manufacturing enterprises. It is a good thing to be identified as a key monitoring object.

According to Shandong Province, it is a long-term policy to vigorously promote the relocation of polluting enterprises into chemical parks. The enterprises that have not entered the park will be restricted everywhere, but this monitoring point is regarded as an “exemption” from the industry. certificate".

The selected enterprises are all identified, with the characteristics of perfecting safety and environmental protection measures, high technical level, large scale, and conforming to the national industrial policy. The projects of these enterprises can be executed in the same way as the enterprises in the approval and construction. More relaxed policy standards.

According to the previous selection criteria, the five companies, Linglong Tire, Pulin Chengshan, Triangle Tire, Yanggu Huatai and Solvay Chemical, have all met the leading level of process equipment, and the new round of ratings has been rated as excellent and all ratings are in 85 points or more.