7 Factories, Guaranteed By Jiangxi Black Cat 2 Billion Yuan!

- Feb 19, 2019-

On February 2nd, Jiangxi Black Cat Carbon Black Co., Ltd. issued an announcement. After preliminary consultation with the banks, it can apply for a total credit line of 2.01 billion yuan in 2019 to meet its Hancheng black cat and Chaoyang black. The daily production and operation needs of seven subsidiaries such as cats.

According to Jiangxi Black Cat, the above-mentioned enterprises are the company's existing 7 major carbon black production bases. The guarantees for these production plants are to ensure their normal and orderly production, and also for the further development of Jiangxi black cats. In addition, these The credit guarantee will help to improve the production and operation capabilities of each factory and prepare for the expansion of production capacity.

According to the announcement, Hancheng Black Cat, Chaoyang Black Cat, Wuhai Black Cat, Black Cat, Taiyuan Black Cat, Tangshan Black Cat and Jining Black Cat, the amount of secured credit granted this time was 279 million yuan. 2.2 billion yuan, 349 million yuan, 200 million yuan, 155 million yuan, 433 million yuan and 365 million yuan.

"China Rubber" learned that Jiangxi Black Cat's credit guarantee amount increased in 2019 compared with the previous year. The company applied for a total guarantee amount of 1.977 billion yuan in 2018, and by the end of 2018, the above seven subsidiaries The total amount of credit actually used is only 401 million yuan.