8 Non-tire Products Listed Companies, The First Half Of The Performance To See First

- Jul 24, 2019-

In July, the listed companies released the first half of the performance forecast. According to the statistics of China Rubber Network, under the background of the trade war, the weak domestic market and the decline of raw material prices, the performance of several non-tire rubber products companies has risen and fallen.

Among them, Ningbo Top Group still has the highest profit with a 50% year-on-year decline; Wuxi Baotong's global mobile network game distribution and operation business maintained steady growth, becoming an important source of the company's semi-annual growth in 2019.

Meichen's ecological profitability is better, but it is relatively large compared with its own year-on-year decline. The main reason is that the financing pressure in the first half of the year is high, the financial cost is high, the management cost brought by the scale expansion is rising, and the downside of the automobile is affected. The chain reaction.

Combined with the semi-annual report, the reasons for the increase in the performance of other companies in the first half of the year are different:

Jiangyin Haida: Sales revenues of seals and vibration-damping components in the rail transit sector and seals in the construction sector have increased; prices of most raw materials such as carbon black have fallen slightly.

Zhejiang Tiantie: develop new products and actively expand the core business of rail transit vibration reduction and related businesses. In the first half of 2019, with the growth of the company's market and the growth of the business of the holding subsidiaries, the performance has increased.

The reasons for the decline in performance are similar:

First, the automobile industry's production and sales market is generally at a low level, and the gross profit margin of some customers' products has declined, affecting corporate profits. Second, due to the environmental impact of the automotive industry, sales of automotive rubber products have declined.

Overall, these listed non-tire rubber products companies remain profitable and actively adjust their business strategies to cope with changes in domestic and international markets.